Today online businesses are experiencing stiff competition to find the top slot on search engine rankings. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving the prominence of a website which results in better ranking over the search engine page result.

ADD STUDIO provides highly professional SEO services so that your website enjoys greater visibility on internet. We have teams of competent SEO experts who can optimize your website and make it search engine friendly. Our SEO services include:

Website Analysis

Based on your business domain we analyze your website design. Our team of Search Engine Optimizers will make a list of suggestion on how to improve the site map structure, content or website structure. The site is made search engine friendly so that all the web pages link properly with each other and allow the search engine to navigate smoothly, in and out of the website. This enables the search engine to properly index the site and update it in its database, on regular basis. After some time the website is awarded a higher page rank, which in turn drives more traffic to it.

Keyword Analysis

The keywords and phrases play a central role in the optimization process. We provide SEO services that strongly associate your website with keywords, relevant to your online business. Analysis includes the current position of the keywords, competitor position, link popularity and further SEO stages are determined. These website keywords are optimized so that search engine gives your site prominence over other sites, in the ranking results.

Link Building

Once the analysis is done and SEO stages are determined, the process of increasing the website URL/link popularity starts. The search engine checks the number of sites linking into your website and their quality. Hence greater number of high quality inbound links into your site increase the value of the site. Our SEO team performs link building through Article submission, Blog marketing, Directory submission, Press release submission and Social Media Marketing.

SEO Audit

The SEO audit, centers around three core elements of the search engine optimization which includes the assessment of website technical framework & architecture, off page & on page content, and link popularity. Our expert SEO consultants formulate SEO audit report which shows the detailed analyses of all the three elements and identify opportunities to improve them. The outcome forms the base from which a sound SEO policy is launched.

SEO Copy writing services

Search engines love unique content and reward the site with higher page ranking. We have in-house team of expert content writers who deliver engaging content, which is well supported by targeted keywords and their supporting phrases. The writers lay greater emphasis on increasing the readability of the content and highlight the important part of the content through bullet points so that readers get important information at a glance.

Why choose ADD STUDIO?

We are neck deep into search engine optimization business and have profound knowledge of the intricacies of this field. We deliver instant traffic to your site so that you start off with a bang. Our in depth knowledge and exceptional search engine analytics, enables you to maximize your search engine rankings and thus attract more traffic. This helps you to reduce the cost of acquisition of the new customers and pushes up your return on investment.
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